[How to] Lyrics translation into English

Hello, everyone.
Today's topic for oversea VOCALOID(s) fans is “lyrics translation into English”.

When you want translate some lyrics for fun, you should know 3 things.

First of all, “never use an automatic translate system”. Google, Babelfish or any other system, they have no sense of language. Those programs exchange a word to another language's one, with searching dictionary. Since they start searching, what hit first is the word they reply. The worst way of understanding literary works. It means worst mistake of Japanese grammar. I'll show you the reason in next paragraph.

Second thing is “learning the Japanese grammar”. I met many mistakes on/offline. The most terrible mistake is between the verb's predicative form and attributive form. Tell those difference is not easy for native Japanese. The auto programs never tell it, so that I wrote at first “never use auto-translate system”. The only way of good translation is learn correct grammar.

Third thing is understanding Japanese culture. My friend, damesuke-kun wrote like this : fill in this mind gap and build a bridge between different cultures. That is what I want to and other translators do with love and passion.

For example, let's see my latest translate work “Solar power” ( http://piapro.jp/t/uXU6 Original Japanese lyrics here http://piapro.jp/t/eYp6 ). I used the word “explode” instead of “burst out”. I knew the background of original lyricist (SOSOSO P). He have been thinking about explosion of the nuclear power plants in Fukushima, and worried about power shortage in summer. The anxiety is not only his, but all Japanese concern. These circumstances are mine, too. So I use the word “explode” for this lyric. The word is not so strange to depict the lyric (and its background) in this case. When another lyric says “爆発させる”, I think the meaning from lyricist’s thought and backgrounds. The different word/phrase will be used for it. I am not a dictionary- search script. I have a sense and heart.

I hope this is helpful. Please feel free to contact me in Twitter(@Kirimisakana) or blog comment.
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[Previous notice]Bye-bye My Blue Bird

First of all, the reason what drive me translate lyric is passion about music.

It is not easy work to exchange word/expression from language A to language B. When something deeply moved our heart, we became mad to tell to someone else. If I was good at Chinese, I would translate any lyric into it, and would do same as any language. In the other hand, it make the work harder than Google translate system. *smile*

The honesty is good attitude. Sometimes things go wrong and be tangled. That tangled thought is called "Atama dekka-chi" in Japanese. That is "top-heavy" way of thnking, too theoretical to act properly in real world. I feel needs to clear the tangled thought with simple musics like this.


"Genshiken" is a good picture of OTAKUs in 90's Japan. Some people are critical of its way of describe. That caused criticism means "how well that ANIME describe people's embarrassed memories" paradoxically.

[*゚∀゚]ゞ <It reminds me my adolescence!

Though, not only adolescence but now. I really love new song.

【PV付きオリジナル曲】Bye-bye My Blue Bird【鏡音リン】

It is best song this week. I got permission of lyric translation from original lyricist. I'll show you English version as soon as possible.
Have fun!
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The finest fan-translation of VOCALOID music

First of all, take a glance at this translation. The phrase "my sadness 'just grows'", it explains very subtle emotion. @YouTube

Megurine Luka "Akahitoha" (A Single Red Leaf) English subtitles 巡音ルカ

To recommend, this translation must be only one.

I believe that the beautiful lyric must be translated in faithful manner. If you love something, you should show true love with your skill. I really love my friend's lyric of VOCALOID song. For example, I never believe Google translate system. Its quality is low in literary work. I need to say this for Google's honor. It has good translating quality in thesis translating. Mechanically and easy to exchange words.Though, our language(Japanese) has deep and subtle expression. If I don't have enough knowledge about EN & JP poetic phrasing, what will be? I can not imagine what will be happen without fear.

W.B.Yeats and William Blake are my best favorite poets when I was university student. On the other hand, I love many (uncountable) Japanese poets. Without that taste, I couldn't translate any phrases into English. This is the reason I love faithful translation of good lyric. My friend "damesukekun" is good fan-translator. He has true love for song. I should point out that he got permittion from original author Kuroneko P. We can define this as evidence of passion.

Needless to say, fans must have loyalty and passion about what they love. It seems to be doubtful behavior as fan that people use Google translation for VOCALOID songs. Do they really like the music?

I am fan about VOCALOID songs as damesukekun. I'll show my loyalty with my full-skills. Skills of illustration, making movie, drawing manga and translation.



 まず手始めに、この翻訳をざっとごらん頂きたい。「my sadness 'just grows'=悲しみは(空に消える)だけ」のくだりは、実に繊細な感情を表した表現なのです。

Megurine Luka "Akahitoha" (A Single Red Leaf) English subtitles 巡音ルカ





damesukekun と同じく、わたくしもVOCALOID曲のファンです。わたくしは全ての技能を尽くして忠誠をお見せしましょう。全ての技能……絵と、動画やコミック作成、そして翻訳のわざを尽くして。

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